Cartoon Art Museum Jam # 2


Things I learned that day.

  • Sometimes you can do a lot more with smaller groups of people. Crowds are fun for raves and parades, but it’s hard to get a lot of stuff done with crowds of people.
  • Halfway through your collaborative comic book it’s good to figure out the happy ending so that you can make a nice and graceful plot arc. Knowing the ending helps you maintain course and pull all the loose ends together.
  • Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, donated a lot of money to the Cartoon Art Museum to help it get going. The museum still needs help as all museums do though, so please show your financial support! Money is important for a lot of things like toilet paper, rent and comic book.
  • If you slow down, stop and listen to people they have a lot of interesting to say that you wouldn’t expect. Especially the quiet people.
  • Drawing Disney villains is a lot more fun than drawing the princes and princesses.
  • It’s really fun pirouhetting while singing showtunes style Disney theme songs from Aladdin while cleaning up.
  • California, you’re all right. You take some getting used to, but time and time again you dazzle me with your openness to new ideas and creativity.

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