Berkeley Art Museum l@te – Marker Dance Party!


Some Cartoonist Conspiracy members in the East Bay  have worked with the Rock Paper Scissors Collective, most notably on the marker dance party jam. Well, the Berkeley Art Museum took the jam one step further and featured the same combination (DJs + markers + dancing) in the museum! Beautiful.

Wow, it seems like just yesterday when Louis and Ramona were brainstorming in the Rock Paper Scissors Zine library about ways to draw, dance and listen to music at the same time… having fun! Now, thanks to the particularly vigorous and persistent efforts of Franklin Melendez, this Rock Paper Scissors party made its way to the Berkeley Art Museum’s l@te night session.


Once again, the beats were provided by our honorable DJ Razvan, the humble yet hardworking and friendly Oakland musician of the Black Market Collective who spun beats without a break at our last event. He was joined this time by DJ Dcoy.

I love sculptures that people are allowed to touch… that’s the whole point, right? This piece–forgive me, I don’t have the title–felt very California to me, reminding me of skateboard parks.

Marella, the feisty organizer with Franklin Melendez, who made things happen and Ara, who should go snowboarding with me!

Marella was the feisty organizer who slaved over many of the details with Franklin. Ara, SoCal Big Bear girl, did too and she should really go snowboarding with me!

RPS Marker Dance Party @ Berkeley Art Musuem

Weirdly enough I was drawing for 10 minutes then this girl kneeling beside me suddenly said she met me at a GigaOm conference a few months ago. I love how worlds are small that way!


I like this slabby concrete architecture at the Berkeley Art Museum. It reminds me of Eastern Europe.


DJ Dcoy represents! Check out his killswitch happy hour nights in San Francisco.

DJ Dcoy

It’s all about marker distribution…


l@te at the Berkeley Art museum


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